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BarknBig ChewEase - Apple Cider Vinegar Functional Chews

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BarknBig ChewEase - Beef Tendon

BarknBig ChewEase - Bison Wing (Scapula)

BarknBig ChewEase - Beef Steer Stick

BarknBig ChewEase - Beef Wing (Scapula)

Quick Overview

Soft, Functional and Healthful Chews with added organic, raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with 'mother' culture (Appox. 1 Tablespoon per chew) , coconut oil and cinnamon.

- Digestive Aid

- Skin and coat Aid

- Great for dogs with bad teeth and gums due to softness

- Good for dogs that gnaw bones often

BarknBig ChewEase - Apple Cider Vinegar Functional Chews

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Soft, functional and healthful chews from parts we may all recognize - Tendons, Scapulas and Steer Sticks.

Typically, these chews are hard products void of moisture due to our dehydration process. Most consumers have grown accustomed to these products being in a dehydrated and hard state. So what about all the pet parents that have had to avoid buying products that are hard because their pets have had teeth removed, or worse, suffered from periodontal disease? What can these consumers buy other than formulated, extruded soft treats? The answer is- not much. Certainly not any natural, whole food sources. Ideally, pet parents would make their way to the freezer section to find any chews that could be utilized for the sensitive mouth they are shopping for. Merchandising from the freezer section has become a difficulty for most retailers. ChewEase bring the natural whole food chews to the floor and the profitable and heavy traffic "chew bar" section of the store.


As stated above, there is a market of pet parents that avoid the natural bone and chew section of the store because their pet simply doesn't do well with hard products void of moisture. They may have bad teeth with sensitive gums. They may be senior dogs that can't endure the rigid edges of dehydrated body part products. The fact that ChewEase are soft, give these dogs the chance to once again enjoy the stimulation of chewing without the pain. Pet parents may have a preconception that their pup will not chew the product correctly so it is avoided all together. We can put their worry and doubt to rest because there are not sharp edges on ChewEase, rather they are flexible and fairly soft to the touch.


Besides the benefits that our whole food chews present pets by themselves, we have utilized the health benefits of raw, organic and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) coconut oil and cinnamon with the ChewEase. 

Apple Cider Vinegar (Appoximately 1 tablespoon per chew) :

This acetic acid is known to promote many health benefits but one that we find so extremely useful for modern dogs and cats is its ability to help with digestion. The living culture known as the "mother" in raw ACV is utilized in the gut to create a healthy flora of bacteria. It promotes our pets' natural digestive enzymes to be released helping to balance the critical PH  in the dogs' body. PH will determine how the body functions all around. The gut is recognized as the additional brain in the body. This means that an unhealthy can be the cause to many of the health problems our canine community suffers from. Being that this is an acid, it's job is to help clean the lining of the stomach and remove excess waste and sludge that builds up from regular diets. Diets void of moisture will inherently be more difficult to digest and move through the digestive tract. This creates build up and possible blockage. When the digestive system walls are sludged with matter, it makes it incredibly difficult for dogs to absorb any nutrients. That paired with diets that are already overly processed and of little nutritional value, our pets become malnutrition leading to many diseases and cancers we see today.

Vets have a "bone to pick" with some natural products, specifically bones. They see many dogs come in for emergency operations do to intestinal blockage. When pet parents feed bones or heavy cartilage/fibrous chews they are relying on their dog to be able to break the product down in the digestive tract. Being that dogs have incredibly resilient digestive tracts, most of the time it is not a problem and they are able to absorb the benefits the products offer. In some cases a build up of bone fragments can cause blockages. ACV will soften those bone fragments and help the dog to pass that build averting the rare case in which they are rushed to the emergency room. Any steps that can be taken to help us from being in that situation is worth it. By adding ACV to the diet every few days for a dog that enjoys gnawing on bones often is worth it!

These digestive properties that ACV adds are a major aspect to keeping a healthy pup. There are also immune system benefits, anti-viral aspects and the overall ability to regulate bodily functions that can be talked about but what we find most pressing in the modern dog is it's ability to help the digestive process and help keep a healthy gut. Without a healthy gut, the reality is - everything else will suffer and have to work overtime to keep function.

Coconut oil and Cinnamon:

These two additions to ChewEase are also helping in the health of our dogs. Coconut oil will add a polyunsaturated fat into the diet that will help re-line the digestive tract after the acetic acid of ACV releases the sludge build up on the digestive walls. It is most commonly known to help keep skin and coat health top notch. Cinnamon is shown to help regulate blood sugar. With the amount of carbohydrates in the modern dog's diet, they get these blood sugar spikes that make it difficult for dogs to maintain weight and also cause them to become hyperactive. The cinnamon added to the diet will help regulate the sugars coming from the carbohydrates for a more sustained distribution.

With all these benefits that come from the additions of ACV, coconut oil and cinnamon along with the already healthful benefits that these whole-food chews contain, we can confidently say that these chews are not just chews, they are functional chews designed with a purpose. ChewEase line can be used for any dog in any condition. Their purpose to help the overall health of our pets and give pet parents a new option at the "Chew Bar" that is more than just a chew.

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